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Mold Remediation and Removal in Arlington

Mold remediation is the procedure of removing, cleaning, and sanitizing mold-contaminated materials. In some cases, this process may involve demolition or other preventive measures aimed at eliminating mold-contaminated materials that were not intentionally cultivated in a specific area. The most effective approach to eliminating black mold in the affected area is to recognize its causes and take action to prevent its further growth.

Why Choose Our Trained Mold Removal Professionals in Arlington, VA?

It is advisable for this process to be carried out by a mold specialist. That is why we have a well-trained team of professionals who know how to perform this work. The main reason we prefer using professionals for mold remediation in Arlington is that they are capable of discovering all mold in the affected area after a thorough inspection and testing. They also have better equipment to remove and destroy all its sources. Moreover, they are capable of preventing future mold growth. They usually do this by replacing the affected material by applying unique products that are capable of restraining mold development.

Our team of mold removal professionals is also able to repair any damage as well as ensure thorough cleaning of the affected areas. Therefore, they have all the necessary information required for mold abatement service. During mold removal, our professionals typically use only registered fungicides to kill the mold. These fungicides are also capable of eliminating all the possible sources of moisture that usually allow the appearance of black molds appearance in the first place.

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Why Mold is Dangerous to Our Health

If not controlled, mold can cause many health related problems as witnessed in various parts of Arlington. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington our main aim is to clean and sanitize all mold-contaminated matter in Arlington. This is because many residents are sensitive to it. Some of the health complications caused by this decay comprise of nasal stuffiness, throat irritation and coughing or wheezing.

There are those who suffer from both eye and skin irritation when exposed to this decay. For those with decay allergies, they are likely to have more severe reactions. Sometimes molds may cause lung infections if someone is exposed to it for a long time. That is why we are focused on carrying out the process of mold remediation in Arlington to minimize these health complications.

What Causes Mold Growth in a House?

There are many conditions which must be present for mold to grow in a given area. Mold can only increase in the presence of a food source, darkness, warmth and, mold spores. Other conditions which must be present for it to grow include water leaks and sufficient time typically between 24-48 hours. Of all these conditions moisture is the primary cause of the other conditions must always be present at our homes. For instance, most residents in Arlington witnesses the presence of mold if the weather has remained humid for some days. Some of the common areas where it grows include walls benches and other open surfaces just because the air is wet.

If you are affected by mold in your home, kindly don't hesitate to inform us. Call Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington today for an estimate on mold removal services at 703-635-7509. We are a certified, insured and our work is guaranteed!

We are happy to inform our customers about our new partner for handling large mold projects, FDP Mold Remediation of Arlington, VA. FDP Mold Remediation specializes in vast mold infestations, and will improve our availability for all of our clients.

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