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dust-free hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing
Thorough cleaning to remove all dirt, debris, and built-up residue.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

A well maintained hardwood floor really gives your home a touch of class. But keeping it clean and shiny is not an easy task, and taking care of it once it is dirty or damaged is even harder.

If your floor has seen better days, you need a professional to make it gleam again.

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At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington we have wood floor specialists with state of the art machinery that will get your wood floor its gloss and luster back. Our top of the line dust free cleaning, sanding, staining and refinishing will really get the job done for you. Our process is non-toxic and almost odor free.

It is not always easy to know who to rely on when it comes to the maintenance of your home or business. Our specialists in Arlington are tops in their field, for expert results you can really trust. It is worth your peace of mind to give us a call.

For your advantage, we have partnered with wood floor refinishing experts from Hardwood Revival, offering wood floor refinishing, sanding, buffing and more wood floor services in Silver Spring, DC and Arlington VA.

Get your wood floor back to its best! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Do I Need to Sand My Wood Floor?

Here's a secret that other wood floor specialists don't want you to know.

Not every floor needs sanding to look great again.

The truth is that sanding is not only expensive, but it reduces the useful life of your floor. Sanding removes a layer of wood, as much as 1/16". That may not seem like a big deal with solid hardwood with a 5/16" wear layer, but many engineered hardwood floors are designed to only be sanded one or two times in the lifetime of the floor.

You can get a beautiful new finish without sanding. Sanding is like using a sledgehammer to put in a thumb tack.

If your floor is looking dull but the finish hasn't worn through anywhere, we have a solution guaranteed to make you happy and be easy on the wallet. Our experts provide the best of both worlds, a brand new finish layer to protect your floors and make them look new again, without sanding that will shorten the life of your floor.

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