TOP secrets for effective stain removal from your fabric couch

Fabric sofas and couches are prone to stains especially in homes with kids and pets. Most couch and sofa stains are a result of pet accidents, food, beverage spills, and in some cases water damage. Couches can be a very dangerous breeding ground for mites and allergens which lead to health issues considering most time spent in our homes is spent on the couches.

When it comes to sofa cleaning, the fabric and stain types help decide the type of cleaning solution because different fabric types and stains require specialized cleaning methods. Using the wrong cleaning solution can permanently damage the sofa fabric.

The different fabric types used for couches include:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Synthetic
  • Natural fabric

Once you hire professional upholstery cleaners the first step of the cleaning process is to get the fabric type before deciding on the right treatment for your furniture. If you are in Arlington and its environs you don't need to worry because Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington has a team of furniture cleaning experts who understand different fabric types treatments and are ready to give you a free estimate on-call and offer you the best and affordable commercial and home green upholstery cleaning solutions.

Home cleaning can help to get you out of the woods for minor incidents but cannot guarantee a fresh and mite-free couch. It is important to get professional upholstery cleaning services from time to time to benefit from maintenance and expert cleaning services that can extend the life of your furniture.

You can book an appointment with Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington couch cleaning experts by calling us.

What are some of the best cleaning solutions for fabric couches?

Our experts maintain that for proper fabric sofa cleaning, you should contact professional couch cleaners to help you mitigate any damage to your furniture or upholstery. However, if you wish to attack small patches of dirt you can use vinegar. You can apply a solution of a few drops of vinegar mixed with a small amount of water using a spray bottle and bloat the stained area using paper towels or a dry cloth. Remember this solution can only be applied for small patches of stains therefore you need professional cleaners for fast removal of large and tough stains. Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington couch cleaning experts are available 7 days a week should you require emergency stain removal services.

Apart from vinegar, other cleaning solutions that work well on fabrics include vacuuming, baking soda, and steaming but they should always be applied by professionals keeping in mind different solutions work differently on different types of fabric.

Tips for effective couch cleaning

Common accidents like beverage, sauce spills, and pet accidents are bound to happen on an everyday basis, so having an idea of how to handle such messes yourself in between routine professional cleanings can go a long way to keeping your furniture stain-free. Home cleaning is not an everyday Joe kind of job therefore one must learn to identify the type of fabric they are dealing with to avoid damaging the fabric.

Most furniture manufactures put care codes to help identify and guide the type of cleaners and solutions to use for the upholstery material. However,if this information is not available you can easily contact Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington to come to your rescue. Our experts will provide the best furniture restoration services and guidance on how to take care of your furniture in the future. The most basic tip is to avoid scrubbing the mess on your sofa but gently using dry towels to blot the mess.

Learn more about sofa cleaning from our experts below;

  1. Get rid of the stains or damage as quickly as possible - In case of any damage, the first thing that should come to your mind is getting a professional to deal with it as fast as possible. Leaving the damage for too long makes it harder to mitigate which can lead to losses as you may need to get a new sofa. Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington is always available for contact for emergency cleaning needs.
  2. Get cleaning services from seasoned experts - Furniture is expensive therefore it needs the best possible care. Ensure you get legit sofa cleaners to avoid damaging your fabric. Our professionals are experienced in cleaning all types of upholstered fabrics which makes Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington the best cleaning business in Arlington and its environs. With our experts, your sofa cleaning cannot go wrong and you are guaranteed the extended life of your furniture when you partner with us.
  3. Pre-testing for discoloration before cleaning - Before cleaning commences a good sofa cleaner should test a small area of the couch fabric for discoloration before starting the whole process. This prevents damaging a larger part of your couch in case the recommended cleaning agent does not go well with your fabric type. Always ensure your furniture is protected from damage by contacting professional upholstery cleaners. The pre-testing is part of our wide range of cleaning solutions therefore you don't have to worry about damage to your sofa when you let us handle your cleaning needs.
  4. Routine deep cleaning - Schedule deep cleaning visits to ensure your furniture is properly cleaned and protected from damage. Our standard deep cleaning package entails thorough cleaning and mitigation of any damages below the fabric. Get in touch for a free estimate and the best sofa and couch deep cleaning services in Arlington.
  5. Sanitizing and deodorization- this is one of the most important processes of professional sofa cleaning. This ensures your furniture is left safe and healthy for humans and pets alike. Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington offers environmentally accepted deodorizing and sanitizing agents that will leave your home safe and free from odor.
  6. Fast drying - Experienced professional cleaners know how to clean your fabric couch without leaving it sopping wet. This is important so that your couch doesn't start to grow mold.

How to get in touch with us

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Arlington is a certified upholstery cleaning business with a team of professionals providing extensive commercial and residential furniture cleaning services for all types of upholstery.

We clean any type of stains and water damage restoration on your upholstered furniture. Get in touch with our customer support representative and be one step away from a free estimate and the best upholstery cleaning services in Arlington.


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