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The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Looking to save money with cheap commercial carpet cleaning? Think again.

As business owners, we all try to save money and lower costs. But in some cases, these savings cause damage, and even create "hidden" losses. Why? Allow me to explain.

You only get one chance for a first impression

A customer's opinion of your store or office in Arlington is made up of several factors. Some of it you can't control (what he already heard about you, for example) and some you can and should control - what your venue looks like from the outside, what will people see first, and what will they think about your place when they enter.

Imagine two stores, right next to each other. Let's call them Store A and Store B. Store A and Store B sell the same products, and they even look almost the same. Somewhat similar logo outside, a design that resembles the other, and they've both been in business for several years. However, their owners have different approaches towards the maintenance of the store.

While the owner of Store A believes in saving money, lowering costs, and cleaning on his own, the owner of Store B believes in first impressions. He doesn't save money on cleaning - he cleans the store every day, and every few months he gets a professional cleaning service for the carpets, the awning and the upholstery in the store. Unlike the owner of Store A, Store B owner believes it's an investment well worth the money.

And now - from the customer's POV

Imagine a customer who walks into these stores. He walks into store A. He looks around. He walks around the store. The store has what he needs, but would he buy from a store that has coffee stains on the carpet? Or maybe he wanted to talk with the salesman, but one look at the chair offered to him and he's no longer sure he wants to stay in the store? That might be a lost customer, and all it took was a little bit of wear, tear, and stains.

If the same customer walked into Store B, he'd find the same product, at the same price, but in less distracting surroundings. There are no coffee stains on the carpet, and no stained chair to prevent him from spending as long in the store as he'd like.

By losing this customer (to the other store, or just because he decided to walk away), Store A is actually losing money. Every customer that walks in and doesn't purchase is lost income. Especially if you had what he needs, and he just decided to get it elsewhere.

Look at the big picture and the small stain

It is a very abstract look at a purchasing process, but a correct one altogether. People don't decide to buy only because you have what they need, but also how you offer it. To give them what they need is not a guarantee they will purchase it. You need to offer them the right product (or service), at the right time, in the right way. Get one of the factors wrong, and you reduce your chances of winning a new customer. Especially if that customer is just shopping around at this time.

Keep your home clean and your store cleaner

Chances are that your Arlington's store or office is way busier than your home and the carpets see a lot more traffic. While cleaning carpets at home is recommended every 6 months, but can be every year or so, a high traffic area requires a lot more attention, particularly if you need to make a good impression.

How many potential customers walk into your office or store every day? How many of them see that ugly coffee stain left from last month? Or just see the discoloration of dust and fiber abrasion? How many of them would make a different decision at Store B?

Get a professional cleaning service provider in Arlington to clean your carpets and upholstery. It's an investment well worth the money, even though it's hard to track the return on the investment.

Choose a carpet cleaning company that knows how to handle commercial cleaning, and how to treat commercial customers in Arlington. In addition, make sure you set a schedule for cleaning, so you don't forget to clean your carpets and upholstery every few months.

P.S. We did not even mention what happens when you take an unprofessional company (best case - you need to get another cleaning from another company. Worst case - your carpets were damaged by an unprofessional cleaner offering low prices). Watch out for these "super cheap" deals. They can come at a high cost.


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