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Area Rug Cleaning in Glencarlyn, Arlington

Area rugs are a wonderful addition to any room. Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, simpler Wool rugs or the simplest Synthetic rug - any of these can help make a house look great. The problem is that very often, your pets or your children fall in love with them as well, and you're left with a rug that looks and often smells bad. Just like carpets, they collect dirt and dust, and will look better and last longer with proper care and cleaning.

Quality Rug Care in Glencarlyn, Arlington

Pet stains and odors, pet hair and dander, along with dust, grime, spills and just regular wear and tear are all excellent reasons for getting an area rug cleaned. Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA specializes in getting rugs to look great again while maintaining their color and texture. Sometimes it may be done with an onsite cleaning, but in most cases of heavy stains and odors, a factory cleaning is required to ensure optimal results. We also conduct rug repair at our workshop, repairing fringes or other areas of your rug that have been damaged.

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How much does rug cleaning cost?

There are no fixed prices for rug cleaning in Arlington. Different factors affect the price packages of rug cleaning. You can get a free estimate by calling us or filling up a quick form to help our representatives get back to you. Allow us to provide you with an impeccable rug cleaning.

Is steam cleaning harmful to the rug?

No. Steam cleaning uses high pressure and can make your cleaning process ineffective if you do it yourself. It is not a safe method through which you can clean your rug yourself. If you are not a specialist in cleaning and don't want to destroy the fiber, contact us at 703-635-7509. Also, keep in mind that you cannot perform steam cleaning on a regular basis.

What is the most effective method of cleaning rugs?

Steam cleaning is the best method to clean carpets as it helps in removing a majority of bacteria and dirt from your rug. Whether you want to get nail polish out of rug or clean pet urine from a rug, steam cleaning can provide you with the best results.

Which is better - deep or steam cleaning rugs?

There is no correct answer. Each method has its own goal. As mentioned earlier, steam cleaning is a very effective way of removing dirty stains from your rug. However, if the stains are embedded deeply inside or you smell odors, you can try deep rug cleaning. Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA can offer you professional services and help you determine what cleaning method you need.

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